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Delta Sigma Pi is a lifetime commitment that has a lifetime of opportunities.

February Brother of the Month:

Sydney Becker



Welcome to the University of Nebraska Lincoln-Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi website! My name is Reagan Porter and I have the privilege of serving as the 2021 Chapter President. I am honored to represent a chapter full of aspiring individuals who all strive to do well academically, philanthropically, and when giving back to the community.


Since joining DSP I have made lifelong friends who I know will continue to push and challenge me through not only personal development but also with my career and professional development as well. One of my favorite memories since joining has been serving as Pledge Educator and being able to share why Delta Sigma Pi is so amazing.


First, I share with the incoming pledges is how great it is to have a support

system. When going through job interviews along with hearing about amazing

new opportunities from alumni and current brothers it is truly life-changing

to have this kind of support system. It’s always exciting when a brother gets

hired because they get to share details about their interview process and their

steps forward.


College is a rollercoaster, and Delta Sigma Pi has given me people to help me

navigate my personal and professional aspirations. This has been extremely

valuable to me, and it has helped shape me into who I am today. My brothers

are always there for tough conversations and endless support.


Aside from being a tight-knit group who has meetings on Monday’s, Delta

Sigma Pi has allowed the College of Business to really feel like home. I always

know people in my classes and have older brothers to reach out to when I’m

struggling. Working on homework with brothers is one of my favorite things,

as it gives us all opportunities to learn from each other.


I was given the opportunity to go to the annual DSP Presidents Academy for

the second time in January where I further learned how to facilitate group

discussions, have thosetough personal development conversations, and made

great friends from other chapters across the Country. This event prepared

me for the road ahead and I can not wait until I can use what I learned

 throughout the year.


Over the previous year, we had a Cornhole/ Bags (up for debate) tournament, company tours, and plenty of social events. My favorite memories are of touring million dollar airplanes at Duncan Aviation, celebrating birthdays, going to football games, and even going on road trips with my brothers. Even though our last semester was cut short and we weren’t able to host our Spina Bifida philanthropy, formal, or networking night, our brothers are so excited to get back to campus and continue to thrive.


To my potential new brothers: I can’t wait to meet you and share with you the experiences and memories that you will remember for your time throughout college.

To my current brothers and alumni: Thank you for inspiring me and giving me all of the opportunities to grow with you. I can’t wait to see you all in the spring!


Please reach out with any questions!

Reagan Porter


Delta Sigma Pi- Alpha Delta